EoTM April 2017

Employee of the Month for April – Jade Scott

Two in Row! Fantastic job again Jade. There’s not much that can be added after last month’s win but, according to Jade’s colleagues, the reason they chose her again was that it was just more of the same hard work, team work and reliability. More ‘nose to the grindstone’ in the finance office and more […]

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Pensions Auto-Enrolment

You may have heard about changes to pensions at work. The changes mean that all employers will have to offer their workers a chance to join a pension scheme. This means that our flexible employees who meet certain eligibility criteria relating to age and earnings are required to be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme […]

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Recruitment EmpofM March

Employee of the Month for March – Jade Scott

Congratulations Jade – Employee of the Month for March 2017 and very well deserved. Jade exemplifies ‘TEAM’ and was nominated by her colleagues for a number of reasons including the fact that she is so reliable and always delivers. Jade keeps her head down in the Finance Office most of the time, beavering away with […]

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Jackie Bedford Step Ahead Awarding Kristina Harper

Kristina Harper – Employee of the Month for June

Kristina’s no stranger to receiving accolades from her peers and colleagues and it was good to see her, once again, receiving Step Ahead’s Employee of the Month Award for June 2017. Ever gracious, Kris thanked everyone in the Team and pointed out that, had it not been for the help and support of her colleagues, […]

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Step Ahead February 2017

Kristina Harper – Employee of the Month for February

Kristina Harper is on her second round of working with Step Ahead. Having been one of the first to be in the Step Ahead Team, Kris decided after ten years to see what else the world had to offer. Ten years later, having explored new things, learnt new skills and had new experiences, she returned […]

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Public Sector Apprenticeships

A new report has suggested that apprenticeships may offer a genuine solution to the problem of teacher over qualification. The findings came from Reform, a right-leaning think tank that campaigns for the better allocation of public funds. The report looks at ways in which the public sector can attract, train and retain the best and […]

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Step Ahead.Sahan.de.abrew

Sahan De Abrew – Employee of the month for January

Having been a close second a number of times, it’s great to see Sahan De Abrew reach the No: 1 spot! Sahan’s peers have voted regularly, endorsing him for his tenacity, ‘can do’ attitude and being a helpful and supportive colleague. Consistently commenting on the fact that he embodies the values in Step Ahead’s Customer […]

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Mental Health – A heartfelt article by one who knows

So the short version of the story is that one girl was very jealous and got three of her friends involved. The odds weren’t exactly in my favour! I got bullied by four girls and ended being treated by my local Mental Health Services for an Eating Disorder, Depression, Low moods and Severe Anxiety. I […]

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Jasmine Edwards Employee of the month November 2016

Jasmine Edwards – Employee of the Month for December

For the month of December the votes, as always were very close. At one point it was tied, however, once all the votes … including the last minute, under-the-wire, only just made it votes were in … the clear, popular and much deserved winner was Jasmine Edwards of Corporate Support. Jasmine is known for being […]

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Apprenticeship Levy Update

The Apprenticeship Levy – Key Points for Employers

As the implementation date for the Levy grows closer, many employers are asking us how it will work and what it will mean for them, so we thought it might be useful to put the proposals as they stand so far into a concise summary. (This is an updated version of our previous briefing, incorporating […]

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