Introducing the New Employee of the Month awards system

Step Ahead are changing it up again with the introduction of our new employee of the month award system. We will now be nominating and awarding based on 4 new categories, which are:

• Award for Continuous Improvement

• Award for Bravery

• Award for Curiosity and Expansion of Knowledge

• Award for Innovation

Staff will nominate themselves for the category that they feel that they have met and excelled at. For the month of April 2019, we have awarded 3 of the 4 awards.

Our first award for the category of Bravery, goes to our most recent joiner to the company, Tyreke Emancy, Recruitment Consultant for the Employability Team.

Our second award for the category of Continuous Improvement, goes to another Recruitment Consultant from our Employability Team, Mariam Ahmed!

And our final award for the category of Curiosity and Expansion of Knowledge goes to our Recruitment Specialist from the Recruitment Team, Trudi Hamer!

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Renowned for recruitment excellence.

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