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There are many advantages to flexible working, or ‘temping’ when you work with Step Ahead. Find out all you need to know about Temporary Assignments here…

When you work with us, an important way in which we differ from other recruitment companies is that we actually employ you, you’re not left hanging. You’ll be offered a flexible employment contract which gives you the freedom to work on a temporary basis, but also enjoy many of the benefits of being employed, such as increased job security and more take home pay for your hours worked.

This is achieved using a government scheme, which allows a certain amount of your pay to be allocated towards expenses, and is therefore not taxable.

The benefits of being a flexible employee

There are many advantages to flexible working, or ‘temping’ when you work with Step Ahead. These include:

Tax-free and National Insurance-free allowance through the travel and subsistence scheme
Minimum guaranteed hours of work
Statutory notice periods
Group personal pension
Opportunity to accrue enhanced annual leave
Genuine paid holiday
Free training
Weekly contact
Regular progress assessments

What we take care of…

National Insurance Contributions (employers and employees)
Tax deduction
Statutory Maternity Pay / Statutory Paternity Pay
Statutory Sick Pay

How long will my temporary assignment last?

Temporary assignments range from just a day or two to a year or more and often, temporary roles become permanent posts.

I’ve heard that I will be entitled to equal treatment with the hiring organisation’s other workers. What does this mean?

Under the Agency Worker Regulations, agency workers are entitled to the following rights from day one of their assignment:

The right to access information on job vacancies. The hirer you are working for must ensure you have the same access as other workers about any relevant job vacancies in their organisation. This does not mean that you will automatically have the right to be employed by the hirer and the provision does not apply where any vacancies are held for internal moves intended to prevent potential redundancies.

The right to access collective on-site facilities. These are facilities that are provided to the hirer’s other workers such as a crèche, canteen, car parking etc. Your access can be refused if your hirer has ‘objective grounds’ and you will not be entitled to ‘amenities’ such as subsidised gym membership and season ticket loans. You will only be entitled to these rights if you are an agency worker. You will not be an agency worker if you are employed directly by the employer organisation (even if we introduced you to them) or you are genuinely self-employed. Individual limited company contractors set up as genuinely in business on their own account for tax purposes will be treated as falling outside the scope of the Regulations.

There are additional rights to the same basic working and employment conditions after you complete a 52 week qualifying period.

What are my entitlements if my assignment is longer than 52 weeks?

On completion of the 52 week qualifying period, as an agency worker you will be entitled to equal treatment with the hiring organisation’s own comparable workers in respect of basic working and employment conditions relating to:

Duration of working time
Night work
Rest periods
Rest breaks
Annual leave

Equal pay will include:

Basic salary
Bonuses or commission payments related to the quantity and quality of work carried out by you
Shift allowance
Overtime payments
Holiday pay
Vouchers (e.g. luncheon vouchers, providing they have a fixed monetary value and are not part of a salary sacrifice scheme)

Equal pay does not include:

Benefits in kind
Vouchers which are a salary sacrifice arrangement between an employer and an employee
Pension payments
Occupational sick pay
Redundancy pay
Notice pay
Advances and loans
Share and option schemes
Occupational maternity, paternity and adoption pay
Loyalty bonuses or any bonus payments which are not directly attributable to the amount or quality of the work performed by you
Guarantee payments
Health/Life insurance.

If you are a pregnant you will be entitled to paid time off to attend pregnancy related medical appointments and antenatal classes once you achieve the 52 weeks’ qualifying service.

If you’d like to find out more about Temp or flexible work with Step Ahead call now and we’ll be happy to help you.

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