During Your Assignment

Congratulations! You’ve been assigned a new role. Here we offer some tips on how to prepare for a new assignment – from what to wear to how to make a good impression on your first day.

The first few days on a new assignment can be daunting so it’s important to pay attention to the company culture and make a good impression. Before you start the assignment, read any assignment confirmation information or handbook we’ve supplied to you carefully and raise any questions with your consultant or supervisor as soon as possible.

Check out our advice and tips below on how to make a good impression on your new assignment…

Be on time

Leave plenty of time for your journey so that you are not late. It’s ok to be modestly early too. If you unsure about times, check with your consultant.

Research and plan your journey to be on time and think about alternative routes in case things go wrong. Plot your route and look up walking times on Google maps or check your route and journey time on the Transport for London website.

If, despite the very best of plans, you get lost on the way or you are unavoidably delayed and think you may be late, contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can  help get you back on track as quickly as we can and let people know immediately

And if you have had a hectic journey? Take a moment to calm down before you are introduced to your supervisor and, if you are late, remember to apologise.

In the vast majority of cases, we’ll require you to come to our offices for a pre-assignment briefing before you start that assignment, so we can normally ensure that you are on time and know where you are going, but it’s always a good idea to have done some research of your own in advance – including planning your journey to us for the pre-assignment briefing.

Dress the part

Before starting a new assignment always check the dress code. Unless we advise you otherwise, wear smart business dress, e.g. a suit or shirt/blouse and trousers/skirt. Allow a little extra time to get ready for work and make sure you look neat and well-groomed.

Keep your mobile phone switched off

Normally, you are expected to keep your mobile phone switched off during working hours whilst in an assignment. We suggest that you aim to make and take calls during lunch or other pre-arranged breaks only.

If there is an urgent requirement for you to make or receive a call, please obtain the agreement of your immediate supervisor beforehand. We would suggest that where possible you make your calls during pre-arranged breaks, such as during your lunch hour.

It’s a good idea to check for messages from Step Ahead in your breaks as we may need to speak to you urgently about your current or next assignment, your timesheet or pay etc.

Don’t use Email/Phones/Equipment etc for personal reasons

As a general rule you should not use the organisation’s equipment for personal use. This includes the telephone, e-mail and internet as well as stationery, photocopiers and mail. If you have a specific important need, e.g. to make or receive a personal call, you should ask the permission of your supervisor before doing so.

Most organisations will agree to give you reasonable access to the internet in order to complete your timesheet, but it’s best that you seek permission at the beginning of your assignment. And if not, don’t be concerned. Remember that your timesheet is online and can be completed anywhere you have an internet connection.

Be positive and flexible

You may have a lot to take in at the beginning of your assignment, so be ready to take notes. Ask any questions you need to, but remember to make a note of the answers. Don’t assume you will remember.

And smile!

If you have any questions about your assignment please don’t hesitate to contact your consultant or a member of our team.

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