Pre-Employment Training

An approach to recruitment to provide skilled and motivated staff, well-prepared for their work role. This programme can prepare people for apprenticeships as well as regular jobs. Classroom or Sector Based training is available to ensure better prepared candidates leading to higher retention rates.
  • Identifies motivated and capable candidates
  • Coaches candidates through one of our highly successful induction courses
  • Develops employability skills for specific roles and sectors
  • A very productive way to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives for employers 
  • If you are an employer – We train a selection of potential candidates you can select new employees from
  • If you are a job-seeker – Because you are trained and well prepared, employers are more likely to employee you

Candidates are interviewed by Step Ahead, if needs be key skills are updated through our tailored Employability Skills Training courses. Work trials are provided to ensure the suitability of each candidate for specific jobs. An employer’s staff induction programme can also be delivered as an important component of this training. Courses are delivered locally, on or near our education partners’ campuses every day of the week.

We know employers need staff with a range of personal qualities as well as workplace skills. With a thorough understanding of the local employment market we look to identify those candidates with a ‘can-do’ attitude, realistic approach to workplace responsibilities, willingness to be flexible and team spirit.
Whether an employer or job seeker Step Ahead can help you.

Powerhouse  – next generation education

To give young people a true sense of purpose; to empower them to create better options for the future.

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If you want to learn the new skills to help secure your next job…

You can choose one of our training courses specially tailored for popular employment opportunities, to give you the best chance to progress.

Courses are run locally and you’ll be with other job seekers actively practicing their new skills.

Register now and we can begin to find your next opportunity together.

Support for Job Seekers

It can be tough getting back into work, we know that which is why our people are trained to support you as a job seeker. Understanding what employers are looking for and how to impress them are just two of the hurdles we can help you over.
  • Numerous programmes available under Welfare to Work
  • However long you’ve been out of work, we can help you
  • Advice, guidance and training to help you succeed
  • Supporting you to improve your self-esteem
  • Supporting you to improve your financial situation
  • Helping you improve your quality of life 

You Back
To Work

Register now for help with your Training needs. We’ll be happy to help.

Whether you’ve been out of work for a long or short time and for whatever reason, we’ll help you prepare for the workplace and find a position that suits you. Supporting you to get past any barriers you may face, we can help you with your goal of getting back into work.

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Training FAQs

What is Employability Training?

Often jobseekers have had to face a great deal of rejection. Step Ahead’s Employability Training Programme helps to motivate and inspire as well as to give you the skills and knowledge you need to secure a job.

What Employability Training courses do you run?

Step Ahead regularly offers runs a number of different courses but they are dependent upon the roles our client partners have on offer at the time.

Twice monthly we run Employability Training courses for retail and hospitality as our client partners are always looking to find good people.

Can anybody attend your Employability Training courses?

In order to attend you must be actively seeking work and claiming some kind of benefit from a Job Centre.

Will your Employability Training help me find a job?

Even better than that. If you attend and complete our Employability Training you are guaranteed to receive an interview within a week of finishing the course.

Are there any other benefits to Step Ahead’s Employability Training?

You will gain valuable work skills, and prepare for work, get access to live job vacancies and, at the same time you’ll be meet likeminded people, enjoy the workshops with others who are trying to achieve similar goals in life.

Do you offer any training?

Yes, you’ll qualify for free training. When you come to register, just ask for more information – or call your consultant to arrange training.

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"I look forward to continuing to work with Tufael and Step Ahead. Thank you for your ongoing support."

Krishna Yadav, the Co-op, Central London

"We would recommend Step Ahead's services to any organisation."

Gregory Alake, Institute of Education, University of London

"The staff provided by Step Ahead, have proved to be, amongst other qualities; honest, reliable, trustworthy and accommodating."

Paul Surma, London Transport Museum

"I have found Step Ahead's service to be responsive, helpful and professional."

Robert Fisher, London Metropolitan University

“All our candidates have been extremely well prepared and impressive, and we have found some terrific new members of staff."

Andrew Elliott, Tempus Energy

"I thoroughly enjoy working with Step Ahead, I find them professional, dedicated and passionate in delivering a high level of service."

Lee Thompson, STM Group

"I find working with Step Ahead a very rewarding partnership, Gurpreet is always passionate and dedicated to give a high level of service and professionalism."

Darren Seal, Securitas

"We have been impressed by the range and diversity of candidates provided."

Jeremy Guyer, UCL Division of Biosciences

"They provide a friendly service and having had such a long relationship with us, they have an excellent understanding of our sector, culture and priorities."

Leroy Clarke, University of London

"Step Ahead are a professional company and have established themselves as a trusted recruitment partner."

Leroy Clarke, University of London

"Step Ahead provide us with a one-stop-shop service for all our non-specialist external temporary agency staff needs."

Robert Fisher, London Metropolitan University

"We are extremely pleased by the professional level of service received from the Step Ahead team and of the calibre of staff provided..."

Gregory Alake, Institute of Education, University of London

"We have been extremely pleased by the professional level of service received from the team and of the highest calibre of staff provided..."

Paul Surma, London Transport Museum

"We have had great service and constant support from the team. They are always on hand to help and answer any questions."

Samantha King, Essentia, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

"The training arm has delivered the apprentice framework to a high standard, enabling all learners to get through within the apprenticeship period..."

Joanne Young , King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"We could not be happier with Step Ahead's services and candidates.”

Andrew Elliott, Tempus Energy

"Step Ahead have been providing Apprentices to Medical Engineering at King's College Hospital since 2013, all of which have been of very high calibre."

Joanne Young , King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“All paperwork and the recruitment process has been seamless for my cohort of apprentices.

Emma Evans, St Georges Hospital Foundation Trust

“As a fast-growing company, we have been impressed by the calibre of the candidates we have been able to offer positions to."

Andrew Elliott, Tempus Energy

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